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Zac and Jared fans.

Fans of Jared Padalecki & Zac Efron, Unite!
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Welcome to zacalecki! This is a community dedicated to all things Jared Padalecki & Zac Efron, either seen as a couple, or individually. Fanfic, icons, picture spams, and any entries of that variety are welcomed and enjoyed.

. brief history of zacalecki .

Basically the idea for this community came from fromperdition, our co-mod. I noticed her Zacalecki icons in the summer and I didn't know someone else liked them as a pairing until then. For some reason, Jared/Zac just clicked in my head, and it totally worked. They both seemed like a cute, completely AU-cracktastic couple.

(Of course the universe we're talking about is the one without Jensen Ross Ackles. They're the OTP, y'know?)

After seeing this year's Teen Choice Awards and watching Jared present Zac [okay, the entire High School Musical cast] an award, seeing the interaction between them was like adding fuel to the fire of the idea. Me and fromperdition decided to go ahead with the community.

There's also the fact that fanfic writers started to incorporate Zac into J2 fics, as well. We just couldn't pass up the idea of a community dedicated to all things Zacalecki, and here we are. =D

+ Post things relevant to the commmunity. As long as the posts include Jared and/or Zac, you're fine posting anything you'd like.

+ We won't be tolerating any bashing of either actors. This comm is for both; if either of us sees bashing, those posts will be deleted.

+ Any fic that is posted should be either put behind a cut, or linked to the original journal it was posted to. Any adult material should have warnings; basically follow the standard fic posting guidelines. I'm sure we all how to do that by now. :>

+ Any pictures should also be behind the cut. We want to minimize everyone's flist pages by doing this.

+ Icons are allowed, but we politely ask when you post you leave three teasers, before cutting to your entire group, or linking to your post. This is also to minimize our flist's.

+ Last but not least, have fun! We're all here to squee over the Zacalecki, so let's keep that in mind. :)

+ If you want to contact any of the mods, you can drop us a comment at our personal journals, or leave a comment to the introduction post.

+ And please leave rawkin_ur_sox a comment if you'd like to affiliate with the community, or leave a comment to the intro post.


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